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Strategic Plan

The Lake Bluff Park District (LBPD) hired PROS Consulting, LLC to facilitate and develop a four year (2011-14) Strategic Plan in collaboration with Board members and staff. The Plan will provide a future direction for the District, taking into account results of the previously completed community input process and the Leisure Vision household survey results. In addition, the Plan provides Board members and staff with the opportunity to understand roles, relationships, and future direction, resulting in organizational alignment as a result of the development of strategy. Another intended outcome of the Plan is providing the District with a commitment to best practices.

The Strategic Plan addresses the leadership infrastructure. The Strategic Plan serves as a springboard to the Comprehensive Plan as the District’s mission, vision, and values have been developed. In addition, strategic initiatives have been created as part of this process and will serve as a precursor to the establishment of capital plans within the comprehensive planning process.

Click Here to download the complete 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

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