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Lake Bluff Preschool

Start your child on the path to a successful school experience with the Lake Bluff Park District's Preschool program! In our secured Early Childhood Education wing at the recreation center, Lake Bluff Preschool offers a positive, nurturing curriculum in an environment that supports exploring and learning while preparing children for success in school. From physical environment to the social-emotional one, we demonstrate that we respect and treasure childhood and the identity of individual children and their families, with every effort not to hurry them or compromise the wonder and joy of being a child. Our teachers are trained and certified in Early Childhood education. Classes run September through May. Fees may be prorated based on start date.

2017-2018 Year Preschool Calendar

Lake Bluff Preschool Classroom Learning at the Lake Bluff Preschool!

Our classes are designed to give your child the tools and experiences they need to ensure a positive transition to Kindergarten and beyond. Our classes feature:

  • Experienced and caring teachers
  • Thoughtfully prepared environments for each age
  • Guidance in learning social skills and making friends
  • Gentle encouragement to practice independence skills
  • Inspiring educational materials and experiences
  • Lively arts, crafts, music and dramatic play
  • “The Children’s Garden” connects children with Nature
  • “Kids in Motion” health and wellness program
  • Afternoon Kindergarten emphasizes and encourages children’s interest in learning the fundamentals of reading, writing skills and math concepts

2017-2018 Year Preschool Class Details

Lake Bluff Preschool Classroom Learning at the Lake Bluff Preschool!

Our Teaching Staff
Our experienced Lake Bluff Preschool Teaching Staff provide each child with the care and individual attention they need to succeed. Learn more about our current teachers Here

School Supplies

Below you will find links to school supplies that each child will need for the 2016-2017 year.

Supplies for Mrs. Bello’s 2’s

Supplies for Mrs. G’s Mighty 3’s

Supplies for Mrs. Thomsen’s 4’s

Supplies for Mrs. Zbynski’s 4’s

Supplies for Mrs. Thomsen’s Afternoon Preschool

Supplies for Mrs. Zbynski’s Afternoon Kindergartenl


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