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Preschool Classes

Preschool for Two Year Olds
Introduce your child to an enriched and nurturing environment that encourages the development of social skills, language, independence and self-confidence. Our experienced teacher, Megan Bello (formerly known as Megan Harris), focuses on helping children feel comfortable away from home as they experience art, dramatic play and music. Basic concepts such as shapes, colors, the alphabet and numbers are presented in fun and creative ways. Children enjoy this active classroom environment prepared to stimulate their imagination and interest in the world around them. You will enjoy seeing your child grow and make his first friends at school.

Preschool for Three Year Olds
3.0–3.8 year olds
The Monday/Wednesday class is perfect for encouraging children’s enjoyment of school and their eagerness to learn in a playful environment. Tamera Guidarini “Mrs. G” gets them excited to further explore the basic concepts of shapes, colors, numbers, letters and their sounds. Children do activities that help develop fine motor skills in preparation for writing. Fun art, science experiments and lively music are included. We begin teaching social/emotional skills through the Calm Classroom curriculum.

3.6–3.11 year olds
The older three year olds attend Tuesday/Thursday/Friday for mornings focused on learning in a playful and nurturing environment. Mrs. G continues encouraging natural interest in letter sounds, writing, counting objects, building with blocks and other materials and creative educational experiences. We expand on the young three’s activities and stimulate their natural curiosity to get them thinking and asking interesting questions. Their classroom is designed to give them opportunities to do more things independently. Our Calm Classroom curriculum is a relaxing and fun part of their day. With stretching and breathing they become aware of how their body feels. Children love learning these skills.

Preschool for 3.6 to 5 Year Olds
Morning Preschool for 4-5 year olds are offer ed either four or five days a week.
Afternoon Preschool for 3.6-5 year olds is four days. Children bring their lunch and enjoy afternoon preschool activities.

Lake Bluff Preschool classes are taught by experienced teachers, Sheila Thomsen and Marcine Zbynski, who know that children love to learn by using their hands. Whether making unique designs in the classroom rock garden, doing a woodworking project, gardening or conducting a science experiment, children are encouraged to find connections in what they are learning and express that through art, writing or in whatever ways they are inspired to do so. We also help them become more confident in recognizing the alphabet and the sounds of the letters, understanding beginning math concepts and refining their skills for writing letters and numbers. Using games and creative materials, children learn while having fun. Our practice of Calm Classroom techniques teach skills that develop focus, concentration and a mind that is relaxed and ready to learn.

2017-2018 Class Structure


Age as of 9/1/17 Days Time Tuition Payments Code
2.0–2.5 M/W 9:00-11:00 am $2,169* $241 11738
2.6–2.11 Tu/Th 9:00-11:00 am $2,169* $241 11739
3.0-3.8 M/W 9:00-11:30 am $2,538 $282 11740
3.6-3.11 Tu/Th/F 9:00-11:30 am $2,979 $331 11741
4.0-5 M-Th 9:00-11:00 am $3,375 $375 11742
4.0-5 M-F 9:00-11:00 am $3,897 $433 11745

Afternoon Preschool

Age as of 9/1/17 Days Time Tuition Payments Code
3.6-5 M-Th 11:45 am-3:00 pm $3,222 $358 11747

Afternoon Kindergarten

Age as of 9/1/17 Days Time Tuition Payments Code
4.6-5 5 Days 11:45 am-3:00 pm $3,294 $366 11748
4.6-5 4 Days 11:45 am-3:00 pm $3,141 $349 11749
4.6-5 3 Days 11:45 am-3:00 pm $2,583 $287 11750

Important Information

  • Classes begin Tuesday, September 5 for Preschool and Monday, August 28 for Junior Kindergarten. Lake Bluff Preschool follows the Lake Bluff School District 65 schedule, with some exceptions. Refer to the Preschool Calendar.
  • Children enrolling in Lake Bluff Preschool for the first time must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate and an updated vaccination report from your pediatrician by the first day of school.
  • Children 2.0–2.11 years old need not be toilet trained. Children over the age of 3 must be toilet trained and out of diapers/pullups to participate in the program.
  • Contact Preschool and Early Childhood Education Director Dana Hansen at 847-457-7352 for more information.
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