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Paddle Programs, Leagues and Events

The Lake Bluff paddle programs offer something for everyone! If you like competition, then you should play on one of our teams. We have Women's and Men's, that compete with clubs all over the North Shore. If you like to be social, then our club is the answer to Friday night fun and more. We have mixers two Fridays a month, and many special events like the Super Bowl Super Team Co-ed Tournament, Men's Calcutta and Bring-a-Ringer, Ladies' Member/Guest Day and the Ladies' Margarita Money Ball Event.

Click Here for Ladies' programs.

Click Here for Men's programs.

2012 Paddle Bowl Champions!

For children, we have many opportunities for them to get involved and learn this great sport. We have group lessons for ages 5-18 years, a junior travel team with practices and matches, Friday Night Junior Paddle and Pizza for ages 5-18 years, special events and camps. They are guaranteed to have fun, fun, fun!

We have all types of lessons: private, semi-private, three-on-one, four-onone, team drills, Fast Paddle for beginners, Shot of the Week, clinics and paddle camps. No matter your ability or whether you are looking for competitive or social paddle, we will find a place for you in our club to enjoy your season!

Click Here for Junior programs.

Follow the links above to see all of our 2017-2018 programs. Contact Eric Moran at 847-457-7362 for more information.

Lake Bluff Pro Eric Moran
Paddle Socials in Lake Bluff



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