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Lake Bluff Fitness Team

Meet our Personal Training, Group X and Fitness Center Staff

Tim Rochford - Fitness & Healthy Lifestyles Manager
Tim has been in the fitness industry since 1984, has a BS degree in Sports Management – Fitness & Wellness and a MS degree in Exercise Science. He has earned various certifications over the years including A.C.E. (Medical Exercise Specialist, PT & Group X), NASM (PT), The Cooper Institute (MPFS), AFAA (PT), NSCA (PT), IYCA (Youth Conditioning) Level 1, among others. Tim has studied martial arts since 1974, he holds a 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo Karate and was an amateur kickboxer in the Chicago area from 1984-1993. Tim brings over 30 years of experience of managing fitness/martial arts facilities to Lake Bluff. He is a CE provider for ACE, NASM, ACSM, ISSA and AFAA. He also designed and patented a piece of resistance training equipment called the P2 Force. He has a desire to guide others to a higher quality of life through fitness and wellness. Tim’s life philosophy is one short phrase – “One Body, One Life, One Choice!” His message is, “Empower yourself in every aspect of life to be better tomorrow than you are today – make every interaction an education.”
Tim Rochford
Cati Christensen (Fitness Associate Team Leader)
Cati came to the Fitness Center as a Desk Associate in 2011, and has been a member of the Fitness Center since its opening in 2001. She currently assists in coordinating the daily operations of the Fitness Center, along with the many projects and programs of the Fitness Center. She and her family have been living in Lake Bluff for over 20 years.
Cati Christensen
Mary Yoo (Fitness Associate Team Leader)
Mary has been a member of the Fitness Center since 2002. She has worked at the Fitness Center for nine years. She helps with the daily running of the Fitness Center and managing the pickleball program. Mary enjoys biking and playing pickleball. She and her family have lived in Lake Bluff for over 14 years.
Mary Yoo
Mary Sample (Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor)
Mary joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in 2006 as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach. She has been in the industry since 2005 and has earned certifications from ACE (Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Health Coach), Mad Dogg Athletics SPIN instructor, and she is also CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Mary has a wide variety of fitness training “specialties”, including long distance/endurance running, indoor cycling, high intensity interval training and resistance training. Her personal favorite workouts include outdoor running and Tabata/HIIT training! Mary’s motivation to make fitness her career centered around the desire to work in an environment that is focused on helping people move towards and achieve healthy goals – this is a great career! Her message is “Don’t bite off more than you can chew…..unless you’re eating sushi!” Having a sense of humor is an important part of wellness!
Mary Sample
Judy Sneyd (Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor)
Judy joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in 2001 as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She has been in the industry since 1995 and has earned certifications from ISSA (Personal Trainer), AFAA (Group Fitness Instructor), Mad Dogg Athletics (SPIN instructor), Physical Mind Institute (Pilates instructor) and she is also CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Judy’s personal favorite workout is any interval-type training! Judy’s motivation to make fitness her career was her desire to help others improve their health! Her message is “Scheduled exercise = more success!”
Judy Sneyd
Audrey Clamage (Group Fitness Instructor)
Audrey joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in November 2015 as both a group fitness instructor, working primarily in our SILVER-FIT program. She has been in the industry since 2005 and has earned certifications from the Senior Fitness Association, Silver Sneakers, Mat Pilates and CPR/AED & First Aid. Audrey’s fitness training “specialty” lies in working with older adults. Her own personal favorite workout is one that offers variety, including cardio & resistance training, along with Pilates and Yoga. Audrey got into fitness during college when she began running and participating in group fitness classes. She then realized the importance and benefits of staying fit. Combine that with her love of teaching others and her passion was born! Her life philosophy is, “Make good choices, take chances and keep challenged!” Her message is “Let’s get fit, have fun and make friends!”
Audrey Clamage
Sharon Durrett (Spin and Group Fitness Instructor)
Sharon has been with Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center since 2010 as a SPIN instructor. She has been working in fitness, in various capacities, since 2007. Sharon uses her SPIN certification to lead some motivating cycle classes here at the Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center. She is CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Sharon loves a wide variety of fitness workouts – she likes to “change it up” so she doesn’t get bored – she wants to keep her body guessing! Sharon got into fitness because it truly makes her happy! The endorphins are addicting! Her life philosophy is simple, yet powerful, “Choose to be happy, every day!” Her message is to “Stay active. Find an activity that you like. Try something new and different. Try a group fitness class – you will meet some awesome people and probably even find some familiar faces!”
Sharon Durrett
Molly Harper (Group Fitness Instructor)
Molly joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in 2008 as both a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been in the industry since 1997 and has earned certifications from AFAA (Group Fitness & Personal Training) and Les Mills’ Body Pump. She is also CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Molly’s personal favorite workouts are interval training and Power Yoga. Molly got into instructing because she loves helping others achieve their fitness goals – she knows how important good health is for the mind and body! Her life philosophy is, “If you can, you must!” Her message is “Every day is a new journey. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday. Think about how you can make every moment, moving forward, a step to being a better you!”
Molly Harper
Marian McNair (Yoga Instructor)
Marian joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in November 2015 as Yoga instructor. She has been involved in Yoga for more than 25 years and has earned certifications from MATC, MFA and is CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Her list of experience and credentials is far too long to include in this brief biography! Marian’s training “specialties” lie in Yoga and Sound Meditation. Her personal favorite workouts include cardio, biking and, of course, Yoga! Marian was initially introduced to Yoga when she was in high school and caring for an elderly family friend who gave Marian her first Yoga book. She has been “hooked” ever since! Her life philosophy is, “It is good to laugh at yourself. I do it all the time!” Her message is “Join me for great Yoga and love your body!”
Marian McNair
Jennifer Kasdin (Yoga Instructor)
Jennifer joined Lake Bluff Health & Fitness Center in early 2015 as a member of our awesome Yoga Team. She has been involved in teaching Yoga since 2014 and has earned certifications 200RYT & y4c, and is CPR/AED & First Aid certified. Jennifer has specialized training and certifications in Yoga for cancer patients and survivors. Her personal favorite workout is Power Yoga! Jennifer got into teaching because she discovered the healing benefits of Yoga and wanted to share this with others.
Jennifer Kasdin
Cheryl Brown (Personal Trainer & Group X Instructor)
Cheryl joined the Lake Bluff Fitness Center in September 2016 as a Group X Instructor and a Personal Trainer. Her certifications include NASM (Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist), AAAI?ISMA (Personal Trainer, Aerobics, Step), RRCA (Road Rummers Club of America) Certified Running Coach and Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 Certified Instructor. She has 9 years experience in these areas. She loves working with new runners, those who feel “lost” in the gym and those who want to redesign their workouts. Her favorite workout is Cardio/Plyometric intervals mixed with weight training, and of course, going for a run.
Cheryl Brown
Ann Kiesling (Yoga Instructor)
Ann joined the Lake Bluff Fitness Center team in January 2017 as a Power Yoga Instructor Her current certification is 200RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). with a speciality in Power Vinyasa Yoga. What motivated her to get into fitness was how she felt after a great yoga class, and she wanted to spread that feeling around! She thinks that everyone can benefit from the amazing things yoga can do for your mind and body. Her hobbies are reading, hiking, spending time at the beach or outdoors with family and friends. her message to members: Take a risk and try something new - you never know what will have an impact on your life!
Ann Kiesling
Karen Landrian (Zumba Instructor)
Karen joined the Lake Bluff Health and Fitness Center in September 2016. Her certifications include Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Kids & Kids Jr., POUND, Pilates and Yoga. She taught figure skaters for over 25 years, including ice training and has taught Zumba for 9 years. Her life philosophy is “Do everything to the best of your ability and you’ll have no regret” Her advice to members is that “Exercising is simple when you find something you like and stick worth it! hopefully that will be Zumba where every class feels like a party! You don’t eve need to know how to dance, Just keep moving and follow my lead.
Karen Landrian
Pat McDermott (Personal Trainer & Boot Camp Instructor)
Pat originally joined Lake Bluff Health and Fitness Center in 2005 working at front desk and the pool. He rejoined the team as a Personal Trainer in 2016 after spending 5 years in the United States Marine Corps. He ran the Physical Training programs for his division as well as programs for Marines returning from injury and those in need of remedial training. He is an ACE Certified personal Trainer, as well as CPR/AED and First Aid certified. Pat joined the fitness team because he wanted to continue helping people reach their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle. His favorite forms of training include strength training, HIIT training, and running outdoors. His goal is to help clients live an active lifestyle so they can enjoy all that the world has to offer.
Pat McDermott
Kate Hanson (Youth Zumba Instructor)
Kate joined our staff in September 2016 as part of our Youth Fitness Instructor Team. She has 2.5 years experience with teaching Zumba and Zumba Kids. Kate taught Middle School reading and writing for 10 years in Skokie. Kate really enjoyed attending adult Zumba classes as a little get away form her Mom responsibilities. As her daughters grew older she thought, I would lobe to share my love of Zumba with them too, Kate looked around the North Shore in an attempt to find a Zumba Kids class to take her daughter to, but didn’t find any. It was at that moment she eddied “I can do this. I will train and become my daughters won Zumba Kids Instructor.” Not only dies Kate shares her love of Zumba with not only her own daughters, but with many children from the Lake Forest & Lake Bluff area.
Kate Hanson
Carol Myers (Yoga Instructor)
Carol is part of our Yoga instructor team and has been with Lake Bluff Park District since 2014. She has completed a 200 hour Yoga certification program – her specialty is Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Carol taught physical education at Deerfield High School – that included about 20 years of teaching Yoga, Pilates, stability ball exercise routines, and Step aerobics along with other forms of fitness. She is definitely has a broad base of experience in the fitness field! Her favorite workouts are “anything cardio!” Carol’s life philosophy is simple, but so true – “Do what you love and love what you do”, which, she states, “is why I have never worked a day in my life!”
Carol Myers

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