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Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is composed of seven Lake Bluff Park District residents. The commissioners are elected by residents within the Lake Bluff Park District boundaries for a four year term of office. This policy making board is responsible for establishing and maintaining the District as an entity assuring adequate financing and competent staffing of the District. If residents are interested in becoming a Board Member and interested in the petition and electoral process, please contact Ron Salski, Executive Director, at 847-457-7346.

Ron Salski, Executive Director

Ron Salski
Executive Director

Email Ron Salski

Commissioner Rob Douglass

Rob Douglass
Board President

Year Elected: 2009
Term Ends: 2017
Email Rob Douglass

Commissioner Brock Gordon

Brock Gordon
Vice President

Appointed: 2010
Term Ends: 2017
Email Brock Gordon

Commissioner Bob Wallace

Bob Wallace

Year Appointed: 2012
Term Ends: 2019
Email Bob Wallace

Commissioner Kurt Gronau

Kurt Gronau

Year Elected: 1999
Term Ends: 2017
Email Kurt Gronau

Commissioner Kauri McKendry

Kauri McKendry

Year Elected: 2009
Term Ends: 2017
Email Kauri McKendry

Commissioner Susan Ehrhard

Susan Ehrhard

Year Elected: 2007
Term Ends: 2019
Email Susan Ehrhard

Commissioner Chris Mosbarger

Chris Mosbarger

Year Appointed: 2016
Term Ends: 2017 *
Email Chris Mosbarger
* Commissioner Mosbarger filled a four year term vacancy so by law, the position must be placed on the ballot for a two-year term.

Resident Committee Members

The Park District is committed to using residents on Board Committees to provide more transparency. These Committee Members gain knowledge on laws, finances, parks, programs and facilities. Currently, the following residents are on the Board Committees:

Resident Committee
Niki Walsh Facilities and Programs Committee
France Pitera Finance, Administration and Future Planning Committee
George Russell Parks and Beach Committee
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