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Behavior Management Policy

Guest Behavior Policy — Board approved March 15, 2010

The Guest Behavior Policy has been established to address any guest's (as defined in the Definition of Guest) behavior that disrupts or interferes with any Park District activity and/or users and/or employees and/or risks the safety of any person.

Guest Behavior
The Guest shall notify the Park District, Executive Director, of any reasonable accommodation needed. Additional guidelines may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff.

Guests are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times and follow the Lake Bluff Park District Conduct Ordinance.
Such appropriate behavior requires that guests:

  1. Show respect to other guests and staff. They shall also be expected to take appropriate direction from staff.
  2. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.
  3. Follow all park district ordinances, facility rules and school rules. These include and are not limited to rules regarding smoking, alcohol, bringing in refreshments into facilities, etc. Park District Ordinances include: Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism, Congregating Without a Permit, Loitering, Public Indecency, Public Intoxication, Assault/Battery, Spitting, Obscene or Abusive Language or Gestures, and/or Excessively Loud Noise, and all other activities and conduct described in the Conduct Ordinance of the Lake Bluff Park District.
  4. Follow park district personnel policies included and are not limited to Harassment.
  5. May not engage in any gang-related activities, including the display or possession of gang related symbols, the use of hand signals, soliciting membership, intimidating or threatening behavior, wearing or displaying any gang colors or clothing identified with gang activities, etc.


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